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IAPT is a grass-root organization working for the upgradation of Physics teaching and Physics teachers by conducting various academic programmes and activities, throughout the country.
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Pragaami Tarang (Progressive wave)

(ISSN 2347 2782)

Annual magazine of Physics and related areas, published by IAPT RC-7 (Gujarat)

The story of this annual magazine began with a Science Writers' Workshop organized by IAPT RC-7 at Gujarat Science City Ahmedabad in March 2009. The motivating spirit behind this one-Day programme was (late) veteran Prof. S. P. Pandya, an Ex-Director of PRL Ahmedabad, and a former president of IAPT. In the Workshop it was decided as a follow up, to bring out a magazine of articles on Physics written in Gujarati. Prof. Pandya himself lent financial support for the first volume brought out in 2009, and continued for the next three years. Today, the publication is being brought out regularly every year, with about 3 to 4 articles in English and the rest in Gujarati. Eminent Scientists and Science writers in Gujarat and elsewhere are invited to write articles in a semi-technical and popular format, for this magazine. This is an important Science outreach initiative by the RC-7, receiving interest and appreciation from all over the state. Pragaami Tarang is released every year at the annual Convention of IAPT, being organized at different venues in India. The magazine is distributed free to students, teachers, Science Communicators and to participants attending various programmes organized by the dist. Community Science Centres and the Gujarat Science City, Ahmedabad. Publication of this magazine is supported from a Corpus Fund (established at IAPT Kanpur Office), raised through donations received from IAPT members. Partial support is also received from Gujcost- Gandhinagar, PRL - Ahmedabad as well as institutions/individuals. Preparations are going on for the current volume XII (2020) of the magazine.

The Editorial committee of Pragaami Tarang consists of Dr. Shakuntala G. Nene (Rajkot), Prof. K. N. Joshipura (Anand), Dr. Tushar C. Pandya (Ahmedabad), Dr. Tarun R. Trivedi (Dakor), Dr. Kinnari Parekh (Changa) and Prof. Rajshree Jotania, Secretary, RC-7, Ahmedabad.

The Advisory Committee is composed of, Dr. Madhuben Shah (Vadodara), Prof. R. V. Mehta, (Pune/Bhavnagar), Prof. V. N. Potbhare (Vadodara), Prof. A. R. Jani (V V Nagar), Prof. P. N. Gajjar (Ahmedabad) and Prof. Arun Pratap, President IAPT RC-7, Vadodara. Links to view this magazine are given below.