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Project on the “Development of the Data-base of e-Resources in Physics”

Dr. Ranjana Abhang

It is a great pleasure to announce a new project “to develop the data-base of e-resources for effective physics teaching” being initiated by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT).

Due to the fast advances in computer-based technologies, in particular the internet, tremendous amount of e-resources like computer simulations, animations, multimedia, audio-video lectures, PowerPoint presentations etc. developed by renowned institutes all over the world are already available on the internet. These e-resources have tremendous potential to improve the effectiveness of traditional classroom teaching. They offer greater intuitive understanding of a physical system and its basic concepts giving insight into the physical aspects. They enable to convey the excitement of physics and help to learn physics better, faster and in an interesting manner. It is an excellent tool to overcome the limitations of the traditional classroom teaching and laboratory, to communicate the subject more effectively. It will be helpful to improve learning of students especially for slow learners or having inadequate capacity for visualization.With a view to make these resources available to teachers to create excellence and innovation in physics teaching, IAPT is initiating a project with the objectives as follows: a) To procure the e-resources on the internet and material in the form of electronic media from various sources, compile and organize them according to the topics, contents etc.

b) To disseminate the classified resources appropriately to physics teachers at all levels through the Bulletin of IAPT and other national journals on Physics Education.

c) To offer guidance to the teachers to develop new resources (not available on the internet) even for earning research degrees like M. Phil. /Ph.D. in Physics specializing in Physics Education or Physics/ Electronics Communication of some universities recognized by UGC.

It is expected that by sharing e-resources in physics and harnessing the tremendous power of multimedia may help in attracting not only more number of students but also students having good potential to opt physics as their career. It may help to some extent to remedy the grave problem of dwindling strength of students faced by physics.

This project is aimed at enhancing the teaching-learning standard of physics in India and thus it is strongly supporting the objectives of IAPT. This activity will be a very good addition to IAPT’s activities in its Silver Jubilee year. At present the activity is centered at MES’s Abasaheb Garwre College, Pune. Information about e-resources on various topics will appear in the bulletin every month. The teachers are requested to give feedback on the utility and the response of the students to the material. Any physics teacher/ student also can participate in it by contributing his resource product/s to the data-base being developed under IAPT’s initiative. Due credit will be given to him while disseminating/ publishing the same and thus his contribution can reach to a very large physics community. Interested persons may contact for publishing their product/s along with a brief description to IAPT’s Pune office. For more information contact:

Dr. Ranjana Abhang; Phone 020-25230120, M:9922655599

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