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IAPT is a grass-root organization working for the upgradation of Physics teaching and Physics teachers by conducting various academic programmes and activities, throughout the country.
Past President and General Secretaries

The table below depicts the tenure of Presidents and General Secretaries who have held the positions in respective offices of IAPT.

Jan.1984  to Dec.1986 Prof Babu lal Saraf Prof D. P. Khandelwal
Jan 1987  to Dec.1988 Prof H.S.Hans Prof D. P. Khandelwal
Jan.1989  to Dec.1990 Prof S.P.Pandya Prof D. P. Khandelwal
Jan.1991  to Dec. 1992 Prof D. P. Khandelwal Prof V. Srinivasan
Jan.1993  to Dec.1994 Prof D. P. Khandelwal Prof V. S. Murty
Jan.1995  to Dec.1995 Prof D. P. Khandelwal Prof P. H.Umadikar
Jan.1996 to Dec.1997 Prof C. Mande Prof (Ms) M.S. Shah
Jan.1998 to Dec.1998 Prof B. L. Saraf Prof (Ms) M.S.Shah
Jan.1999 to Dec. 2003 Prof Y. R.Waghmare Prof U. S. Kushwaha
Jan.2004 to Sep. 2006 Prof H. S.Virk Prof Pratibha Jolly
Oct 2006  to Dec.2006 Prof H. S.Virk Prof M.S.Jogad
Jan 2007 to Dec. 2009 Prof B. A. Patki Prof B. N. Chandrika
Jan 2010  to Dec 2012 Prof Satya Prakash Prof S C Samanta
Jan 2013  to Dec. 2018 Prof H C Pradhan Prof Bhupati Chakrabarti
Jan 2019  to Dec. 2021 Prof. Vijay A Singh Prof. K. N. Joshipura
Jan - 2022 to Prof. PK Ahluwalia Prof. Rekha Ghorpade