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IAPT is a grass-root organization working for the upgradation of Physics teaching and Physics teachers by conducting various academic programmes and activities, throughout the country.
Useful Web Links
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1. Carl Sagan's Portal: Dedicated to the memory of famous Astrophysicist and science populariser
2. Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics: A great link to celebrate International Year of Astronomy
3. Total Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009
To have complete information about total solar eclipse of 22nd July, 2009. See this NASA link for complete information. Path of totality passes through India. Major cities include Surat, Vadodra, Indore, Bhopal, Varanasi and Darjleeing. Donot miss this opportunity
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1. Free Physics e-books
A very interesting web site on Physics books with more than 30 category of books
2. One Hundered Reasons to be a Scientist
A book worth reading by every student of science, teacher of science and a Scientist
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1. e-PGPathshala
MHRD's Postgraduate Video Courses portals. You can earn credits in some of the courses.
2. National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
A curriculum based Web and Video Courses on Engineering and Science under National Mission On Education through Science and Technology: A joint Venture of MHRD, IIT's and IISc.
A web Portal of Ministry of Human Resource Development Govt. Of India. for Education at all levels
Free Online digital platform of Government of India. Learn in an All New Way
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1. On line Labs in Science
A comprehensive encyclopedic reference about on line laboratories in eight subjects including physics.
2. Virtual Amrita Laboratories
A project for providing virtual laboratories undertaken as a project under the NMEICT an initiative of MHRD Govt. of India
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1. English-Hindi Dictionary
A useful web dictionary with translation interface

Here are some interesting you tube channels on physics