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IAPT is a grass-root organization working for the upgradation of Physics teaching and Physics teachers by conducting various academic programmes and activities, throughout the country.
Voluntary Character

All IAPT work is voluntary. No remuneration is paid to any of its members for any IAPT activity, viz., setting and translating question paper, invigilation, evaluation, writing articles, editing journals etc.


In the early growth of IAPT, numerous donations, mainly collected by Late Prof. D.P. Khandelwal, helped meet its expenses.

The fees for NSEP/NGPE examinations are far too low as compared to numerous similar examinations conducted by other organizations and the monetary burden of massive work is very large. But due to voluntary service by the teachers, these examinations are self supporting and even share part of bulletin expenses.

IAPT has following endowments for the expenses for the purposes mentioned against each of them, till December, 1999.

  1. D.D. Pant Endowment of 1,25,000/- for honoring teachers and assistance to some specific activities.
  2. Omega Electronics Endowment of 25,000/- for 5 NGPE Gold Medals.
  3. Sultan Chand Trust Endowment of 40,000/- for book prizes to top 25 students of NSEP.
  4. Murli Laj Chugani Endowment of 1,25,000/- for NSEP-INPhO Gold Medals.
  5. Indian Space Research Organization, 10,00,000/- to promote academic activities.
  6. Department of Atomic, Energy, 5,00,000/- to promote academic activities.
  7. Infosys, 1,00,000/- to promote academic activities.

From time to time IAPT has received financial assistance from UGC, NCERT, DST, MHRD and others for specific projects/activities.