National Standard Examinations

Are held at two levels with the objectives:

  1. To enable the student judge him/her self against a national standard.
  2. To present correct perspective of physics.
  3. To increase the student teacher interaction through discussion on the Q. Paper.

Meritorious students are identified, duly honored and awarded medals & token prizes .


At+2 level-National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP) conducted every year since 1987, has become the most ‘visible’ activity of IAPT. It is a voluntary examination. More than 40,000 students at over 1200 centres, most of which are in small towns and villages, appear in this examination. The participation, purely voluntary, offers an opportunity to measure one’s standing against a national standard. NSEP in not linked to any entrance or scholarship award. Students are allowed to take away the question paper and the solutions are provided to them after a week. The NSEP is carried out in English, Hindi & a few other Indian languages.


At B.Sc. level-National Graduate Physics Examination (NGPE). It is conducted on similar lines as NSEP.


Recognition to NSEP and NGPE

Gold medallists in NSEP, after they complete their education, may join DAE directly through interview without appearing in their entrance test.

S.N.Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Kolkata, allows direct admission to toppers in NGPE, after an interview, in their integrated Ph.D. programme.