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 Subject :Gravitational waves and Public..
20-05-2017 04:57:26 
Dileep Sathe
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Since last year, the discovery of gravitational waves is at the top of media, many people were expecting the Nobel Physics Prize for the discoverers of these waves. But I had noiticed a snag in the Space-Time Continuum - STC - about 12 years ago and hence I am sceptic about the discovery. Actually, Newton's views of space and time and those of Einstein are quite figgerent but they cound not actually meet to debate. However there was a great unsettled debate on the same, STC, between Philipp Lenard and Albert Einstein in conference in Germany in 1920.  And in January 2005, I witnessed a similar, unsettled debate between a leader of GRG and a common-man in Borivali - a suburb of Mumbai, MH. Above situation inspired me to contribute a Letter to the Editor of Space Research Today, April 2017, p. 35, title: Newton Vs Einstein in 21st century.

This is a good topic for organizing a day-long Discussion Meeting on the STC for undergraduates, post-graduates as well as their teachers. And then their responses can be studied with the help of a questionnaire. I am willing to take full academic responsibility. Any interested college authorities can request for the copy of my Letter in SRT, noted above, to start with. My email:, Mobile: 09422321663 Home: 020-65100495

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