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 Subject :Naming Retrograde Exoplanet..
15-07-2014 01:31:23 
Dileep Sathe
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 Let me tell readers WHY I am interested in naming a *retrograde* exoplanet. There are some astronomers / astrophysicists who feel that exoplanets are turning planetary theories upside down. One such news is on a link of European Southern Observatory for the public, eso1016. 

I am neither of them but as a teacher of students of age 15 to 17 (though now retired) – I think that there is a  conceptual problem in the learning of circular motion and hence in the planetary motion as well. In a sense, our solar system is a troubling one and that is why that problem had remained unnoticed till the beginning of 20thcentury. However, it should have caught attention of teachers 100 years following the discovery of first retrograde moon of Jupiter – Pasiphae – in 1908. For more information, read first two points in a letter to the editor of CHANGE, May-June 2008, p. 5, title: Getting Science Right.

Now the discovery of *retrograde* exoplanets revives and strengthens my stand that, see my letter to the editor of Physics Education, UK, January 2012, p. 132. I hope above brief description can give the reader some idea of WHY I am interested in naming a *retrograde exoplanet*. If you have an idea, just reply on this site. For more discussion feel free to contact me using Home: 020-65100495 Mobile: 09422321663 Email:  

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