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 Subject :Quota system in NSE exams..
04-11-2012 01:36:26 
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I am sorry for raising a non-science issue in this forum.

But I am pained to see that a quota system for different states has been introduced to select students from the 1st level National Science Olympiad. What is worse, the quota system is discouraging to precisely those states where from fewer number of students sat for the NSO exam last year.

I am against quotas, but when quotas are there, they are meant to provide advantage to disadvantaged sections.The states quota system is doing the reverse and I believe it will further discourage students from *weak* states from taking the NSEP exam as there are so few openings from them, The quota system is surprisingly heavily biased to students of AP, Rajasthan, Delhi, etc.

RMO has a quota of 30 students per state which is more rational because they finally select only 35 total students.

Many states in the IAPT scheme have a quoat of only 1. So if there are 2 good students, they have no chance.

I request the IAPT office holders to kindly let us know why this arbitrary system that is so biased to a few states was introduced. A quota system is bad, a one which is biased to the more advantaged people is ridiculous. The number of students who take the NSEP exam is not any indication of the size of the student population in the state. Instead IAPT should work towards increasing the popularity of the NSE exams in those states where they are less popular.

I know that many schools in West Bengal may not have had an opportunity of registering for the NSE exams because the materials were not sent to the schools in time. Please publicize the exam, and do not discriminate the students.



Sudeshna Sarkar
Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
IIT Kharagpur


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