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 Subject :Joshi n Panchang..
14-01-2011 00:37:42 
Dileep Sathe
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Joshi n Panchang
A.W. Joshi gave some lectures on Indian almanac and ephimeries [more popularly called panchang in Marathi] in the Physics Dept. of Pune Univ. about 15 years ago. Therefore, I started making very simple models, using common items at home, for motivating school children to make such models and learn maths, geography, physics, astronomy and cross borders between them. One such model, by which one can combine school geometry n basic information of our solar system. The comment of Prof. Robert Olley - 17 January 2009 - can be used to view my model, on the following site:                                                    
I am willing to show such models, in a lecture for the students of Std. VIII to XII, if any one is arranging an event in his memory on the occasion of his first death anniversay which falls on 01-July-2011. Of course, my lecture will be useful for senior college students and public as well. In addition to this, I can guide a small group of students to actually make some models. My presentation will be of about 1 hr. Feel free to contact me using, home: 020-65100495 Mobile: 09922-467-861 Email:

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