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IAPT was established in the year 1984 by the great visionary late Dr. D.P. Khandelwal with active support from some physics teachers with the aim of upgrading the quality of physics teaching and physics teachers through a mass movement of dedicated teachers. Since then it has grown into a major organization with more than 11000 members of which 7000 are Life-members, 65 are institutional members and about 100 of them from abroad. The members include research workers, science administrators, science savvy enthusiasts, university, college and school teachers.



The objective of IAPT as spelled out in its Constitution reads:

"To upgrade the level of teaching and teachers of physics and related areas at all levels to pool and mobilize the talents and resources of teachers in the national perspective" - Dr. D.P. Khandelwal, Founder IAPT


Pledges of IAPT

IAPT took two pledges from the very beginning, namely,

Download Amended IAPT Constitution (NEW Amended)

Download IAPT Constitution (OLD)

(Last updated on 17/08/2018)